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Download One Game Loop the best emulator to run PUBG Mobile on PC

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The Korean emulator is the Korean version of the Game Loop emulator for Korea called One Game Loop, and a 64-bit version is available. The emulator enables you to install and run Android applications on the computer, and you can also install and run the PUBG Mobile game on the emulator.

One Game Loop
One Game Loop

And the game loop emulator has many versions, including the Chinese, Indonesian, and Korean emulator that we will learn about today. Game Loop was previously known as Tencent Gaming Buddy, and you can play famous Android games on the computer and control through the mouse and keyboard.

One Game Loop emulator download

You can download the emulator through the following download button, after clicking on it, you can choose the 64-bit version or the standard version.

After downloading the emulator, you install it, and log in to the emulator using any of the available methods.

Install pubg mobile on the emulator

one game loop pubg mobile
one game loop pubg mobile

You initially install any game in the emulator store to open the emulator, then you enter the emulator browser and download and install the PUBG Mobile game through the following link.

Create a shortcut to play PUBG Mobile

You can make a shortcut to open PUBG Mobile by copying the path of the main emulator, then leaving a space and adding the next game path.

code: -startpkg “com.tencent.ig” -from DesktopLink

Then you make a name for the shortcut, for example pubg mobile, then you click on finish and you can open the game through the shortcut.

Solve the problem of control buttons

The problem of the control buttons on the emulator can be solved by removing the button that does not work, saving it, and then adding it again. As for the problem of opening the scoop with a right click, you can solve it through the x mouse button program.

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