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BlueStacks 4 is a program to run Android phone games and applications on the computer. It creates a virtual Android system on Windows. Through the program, you can run it, install the games and applications you want, and control them from the mouse and keyboard.

BlueStacks 4 Emulator

The Bluestacks program is one of the oldest and first programs that were downloaded to run Android applications and games on the computer, and the program can run many of the favorite games and applications for everyone such as WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger.

You can also play the battle royale games that are very popular these days, such as pubg, free fire, creative destruction, and many other games such as Candy Crush, Subway car racing games, action and fighting games, and other other games.

Features of BlueStacks 4

In the new update, the company that developed the program focused on providing some features that help users and make it easier for them to use the program. The company has added several languages ​​to the program, including the Arabic language, and the gaming experience in the program has been improved.

And the multi-window feature has been added, which means that whenever you run an application that appears in a separate window, you can close it or move between windows quite easily, and the new features can be summarized in several summarized points.

600% better performance than Galaxy Note 9

Performance better than Bluestack 3 by 800%

Support for a group of new languages, the most important of which is Arabic

BlueStacks Points System to Win Prizes

Better gaming support in terms of screen layout

Multiple windows system to run more than one account and more than one application at the same time

And other modifications to the program interface

Minimum to run BlueStacks 4

Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 operating system


4 GB free space on the hard drive

INTEL or AMD processor

The previous specifications are the least resources that the program needs, but you may notice some interruptions during gameplay or convulsions, so we recommend that your device specifications be strong or medium.

Download and install BlueStacks 4

First, you go to the official website of the BlueStacks emulator to download the emulator:

Download BlueStacks 4

After entering the official website of the BlueStacks emulator, you click on the word “Download BlueStacks 4” and then it will start downloading the emulator directly, after downloading the installer, you open it to install it, the installation interface will open for you, you click on Install now.

Then you wait for the program to finish installing and you press the Complete button and the program will work for you automatically, and the program icon will appear on the desktop.

Then the emulator will open with you on the main screen, and there is a Play Store in the program that you can install applications and games through, and there is also a store integrated with the emulator, you can search for and install applications and games.

BlueStacks 4 Emulator

And if you have apps in apk format on your computer and you want to install them directly on the emulator or any files you want to import into the emulator, you go to the settings and choose the “Import windows Files” option, and choose the file you want to import into the emulator.

Import windows Files bluestacks 4

The emulator provides you with the advantage of controlling games through the keyboard. After you install any game, you will automatically find that the program has added play buttons that you can customize from the keyboard tab in the emulator and you choose the game buttons that you want to play with.

BlueStacks 4 Emulator Control

And if you come across a game that does not have the play buttons, you can add it from the keyboard tab in the emulator and customize it according to the places of the play buttons within the game.

You can run the famous WhatsApp messaging application through this emulator. Go to the Play Store, install WhatsApp, open it, add your number and confirm it, and then you can use WhatsApp on the computer.

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